Fullerton College – Machine Technology Program Overview

Instructional philosophy

We have chosen to stress the learning of functional tasks rather than to promote an environment where students choose their own projects. All of our laboratory exercises are designed to introduce students to a broad scope of tasks typically performed on conventional or CNC machines. Most of the projects are useful tools or game pieces one can use on the job and admire for years to come. Our vocational advisory group annually reviews our curriculum. They guide our decisions to include new topics, delete out-of-date ones, and to continue those that are still viable.

Our conventional machining program stresses the set up and operation of lathes and vertical mills for a wide variety of processes. The classes provide instruction in blueprint reading, shop math, measurement and inspection, job planning, safety, and general machining theory. Our CNC program also emphasizes the set up, operation and programming of vertical mills and lathes and has recently (as indicated) begun to include aspects of wire EDM. In manual programming courses students learn proper formatting of CNC code, calculations related to determining coordinate data, proper use of programming techniques such as the use of sub programming, and experience cutting parts using their own programs on our CNC machines. In computer assisted programming classes students learn how to use software such as SurfCam or MasterCam to generate machine code for CNC mills and lathes. All classes are structured with time allocated for lecture/demonstrations and hands-on laboratory time.

About our Lab

We have a full laboratory of Pentium level computers licensed with AutoCAD, Solidworks, MasterCam, and SurfCam software (24 each). Computer lab includes one CNC tabletop mill. A separate laboratory is equipped with several computers running Impact CAD/CAM software for CNC wire EDM. A full inventory of hand and inspection tools, optical comparitor, surface plates, CMM, height master, profilometer, hardness testers, etc. are available.

Our high-tech laboratory equipment inventory offers students the opportunity to practice their skills in an environment that is maintained with attention to safety, using equipment typically found in local machining facilities. All in all, we have over $1,000,000.00 invested in our laboratory and equipment to provide services to our students.

Machine Tool Inventory

      • 14 Conventional Engine Lathes
      • 13 Bridgeport & Lagun Vertical Milling Machines
      • 1 Horizontal Milling Machine
      • 3 Okamoto Surface Grinders
      • 8 Pedestal Grinders
      • 2 Drill Press
      • 1 Horizontal Bandsaw
      • 1 Vert. Bandsaw
      • 1 Tool and Cutter Grinder
      • 4 Darex Tool Sharpeners
      • 1 Optical Comparator, Scherr Tumico 3500 with Quadra Check Computer
      • 1 Coordinate Measuring Machine with PC DMIS Software and Pendant System
      • 2 FADAL VMC 15 CNC Machining Centers, 3 & 4 axis
      • 1 Haas SL10 CNC Lathe
      • 1 Haas CNC Mill Control Simulator
      • 2 Femco HL-25 CNC Lathes (Fanuc OT-C and OiTB controls)
      • 4 Haas CNC Mini Mills, 3 & 4 axis
      • 1 Haas VF2 Trunnion , 5 axis
      • 1 Haas OM2A Office Mill
      • 1 Charmilles Robofil 290 CNC 4 axis Wire EDM
      • 1 Cress Heat Treat Furnace, Dual Chamber